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"Of course, the ultimate moment of being Female in Public comes when a woman, deep in thought, is told by a strange man to SMILE. (And this happens only to women.) Gentlemen, let’s get this straight. There is no part of my body that belongs to you, not even my facial expression."
From a devastating essay from Laura Lippman, author, about what it’s like to be a woman in public.  (via emilyvgordon)

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anyone wanna make out… a check to me for 500,000 dollars

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"There’s still very much this stereotype that teenage girls are not serious consumers of music, even though they are the number one purchasers of music. Teenage girls are the number one consumers of music, they are the number one drivers of taste, and yet they are still not considered serious music fans."
Jessica Hopper, music editor at Rookie. Read her full interview with Jay Gabler. (via 893thecurrent)

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